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Nervous System Myths and How to Create Real Neurological Change | CLASS REPLAY

What if...motor neurons don't exist, the brain doesn't act on the body, we don't need "rewiring" and your power to create physical change lies within - at a soul and spiritual level?

Dear friends,

What if I told that I was going to share something really cool with you about how your nerves and nervous system functions. But…

Because I want you to know how the sausage is made, I’m going to tell you how I came by this information before I tell you WHAT the information is.

Ok, so…

In order to discover how your nervous system works (so I can tell you how you function inside), I am going to take a piece of nerve tissue out of your body and then soak it in potassium dichromate (a hazardous, flammable carcinogen that is poisonous to humans if consumed or touched).

After that I’m going to add silver nitrate to the petri dish.

Then, I’m going to place a tissue sample between two quartz slides and finally, I will examine what I find under an electron microscope.

What I see is astonishing: tree-like shapes, spider-like webs and tendrils of tissue emerge from the dead and dyed mass, along with large gaps between fibers. Clearly, everything I see under that microscope is showing me exactly what is happening inside your body at this very moment, and explains why your body and brain behave the way they do!


Please join me in questioning everything you think you know about the nervous system.

Especially everything you’ve been told is a settled “fact” by an “expert” or “authority” on such facts, such as most university trained scientists (or anyone quoting said scientists).

I love getting to the absolute ROOT of things.

If you like getting to the absolute root of things, too, then you might consider joining me inside The School for Living Science, which is opening soon. I’m so excited to open the doors on May 26th and start this adventure with some of you!

Getting to the root of things often means traveling into the dark and subterranean depths in order to examine a phenomena or a so-called fact from its very foundations.

Over the last five or six years, I’ve had to radically alter my conception of neuroscience (which has implications for pain resolution, trauma healing and all manner of nervous system based protocols) based on empirical evidence and the acknowledgement of too many logical fallacies that I simply couldn’t ignore any longer.

Most of modern neuroscience - and what we are told about how we function at a brain and nervous system, musculoskeletal, immunological, biological, physiological, psychological and psychoneuroimmunological level - is, in my opinion today, based on illogical and unsound thinking.

This is the foundation of many other logical fallacies:

We are told there are TWO kinds of neurons in the body.

  1. Sensory nerves: those that receive information within the body (from external and internal stimuli) and send that information to the brain.

  2. Motor neurons: those that receive commands from the brain, thereby acting on the body.


What if motor neurons don’t exist?

A few years ago I read something in a book that made me question everything I thought I knew about nerves and neuroscience. The author, Rudolf Steiner, is someone I turn to regularly for spiritual and scientific guidance.

Following the clues he left to their historical origins and logical conclusions, I was forced to construct a new map of reality regarding my conception of the human organism.

This is what I read:

The implications of this (the irrefutable evidence that motor neurons do not exist, which I discuss in the class) are ENORMOUS.

We would need to rethink everything from voluntary muscle contractions to muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s, migraines, addictions, all autoimmune condition and absolutely everything we believe currently about how trauma affects the body, not to mention behavioral psychology.

It is now my conviction that we don’t possess a nervous system that acts of its own accord, outside of our will or wishes; and that if we could just “rewire” it then we could let go, relax, experience better digestion, release chronic pain, stop feeling so damn anxious and finally feel good in our bodies.

God did not design us to be so powerless against our own nature.

Your nervous system doesn’t possess your body and impact you.

YOU possess a nervous system and YOU impact you.

So what DOES the nervous system do?

The nervous system allows us to experience ourselves and our world through sense perception.

We have 12 senses (yes, 12) through which we receive incoming data from the world around us, and from inside of our body.

We have conscious awareness of ourselves and our world because we possess a nervous system.

We can think (consciously willed thoughts, ideally, although approximately 95% of our thoughts are automated and habitual instead of consciously directed) about whatever we have awareness of…because we have a nervous system (brain).

But there is also knowledge (truthful data) outside the subjective periphery of the nervous system.

Have you ever had a premonition?

Maybe you were thinking about someone very strongly, and then they called you.

Or maybe you sensed something bad was about to happen, like a car accident…and then it did.

These phenomena cannot be explained by neuroscience.

The nervous system grants us access to subjectively interpreted sense perceptions. Fascia, I believe, grants us access to “the knowledge field” of the world and cosmos.

I’ve shared these graphics before (below), but they’re worth sharing again and again.

As thinking organisms, we form mental images (pictures) and stories about everything we sense. What we perceive with the nervous system is the farthest thing from objective.

Fascia wraps every nerve ending, blood vessel, muscle fiber, organ and bone. We have more fascia than any other substance, and it is through the fascia that all communication and transfer of chemicals or elements occurs - including all nervous system communications, but so much more too.

Therefore fascia is a far greater “territory” for accessible knowledge than other elements in the body. It connects us to the 5 kinetic energies of the planet, as well as whatever chemicals and molecules are ingested or absorbed through our skin.

Imagine the blue man is the domain of fascia, while the smaller human inside contains the nervous system and all that we can perceive with it.

The nervous system allows us to become conscious of what we perceive with our physical senses.

This includes chemical and motor activity within our muscles. But the nervous system doesn’t ACT ON those muscles.

Consider this:

In the class replay you above can go back in time with me to the explore (briefly) the discovery and naming of the neuron in the late 1800’s. While this “discovery” may have been a titillating event at the time (because electron microscopy was new and novel and probably a very fun toy for scientists to play with), we can use modern logical thinking to see just how illogical these original “discoveries” were.

Living nerve tissue taken out of the human being, hardened and subjected to poison, then drenched in more poison, and then squished between two glass slides like a flower pressed between two books…cannot possibly tell us anything useful about what is actually going on inside our living bodies.

These so-called “facts” of science simply do not align with reality.

If you’d like to read some of the articles I found on the origins and naming of neurons, click here or here.

Now, you might be asking:

“If there are no such thing as motor neurons, wouldn’t scientists have figured this out by now? Wouldn’t this be front page news?”

The thing is, if “modern science” - aka, the whole academic community spanning the entire globe - were to ADMIT the nonexistence of motor neurons, they would instantly have to throw away almost all of the last 150 years of so-called scientific discoveries pertaining to the human organism. Not to mention, all of cell biology, virology, pharmacology and many more field use this staining technique to conduct their research into human “biology” (which is supposed to mean “the science of life”).

Who would want to rock the boat THAT badly?

We saw during the covid era just how viciously the social mob and media attacked scientists and doctors (and everyday people) for questioning “the science.”

Science isn’t allowed to be questioned today. Especially not the long established “facts” upon which all of modern biology owes its existence.


Science is SUPPOSED to be questioned. The nature of science is to question everything! Especially our previously held assumptions, and most certainly our cherished opinions and beliefs.

The truth doesn’t care about opinions and beliefs. And reality has outpaced our thinking over the last 150 years.

If you’d like to join me in the quest for real knowledge of the whole human organism, these are exactly the kinds of topics we will delve into, experiment with, and explore together inside the School for Living Science.

We’ve got a lot of catching up to do with our thinking!

It is my conviction that there are physical-spiritual laws underpinning reality, and we can know them. But not by taking tissues out of our bodies, killing it with poison, staining it with yet more poison and studying it under a microscope.

When we learn to study human beings as living phenomena, we will begin to apprehend the truth about ourselves. And when we learn how to think with reality, our efforts to heal will effect real change.

I’m grateful you’re on this path with me.

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