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Decentralized Governance, Incentivizing Morality, Mutual Aid Societies, and Subversive Innovation | Max Borders Part II

It's time to exit and build healthy ecosystems for law and money. But what does mean? What are we supposed to build, exactly?

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Dear friends,

Have you ever felt the urge to leave behind the comfortable “prison bars” of your current reality for the blank canvas of a new life?

I think we’ve all longed - at times, or in certain moments anyway - to wipe the slate clean; to start fresh.

Meanwhile, some of us are inclined to burn it all to the ground so there is no going back…whether “it” is a relationship, a career, a community or home. This has often been my tendency, and I don’t necessarily recommend it! Have you ever done this? I’d love to hear about it.

Human created organizations such as governments, and educational or religious institutions, are prone to insidious levels of corruption. Sometimes, they become so diseased that the only healthy choice - if you live within that system or have come to rely on it for some aspect of your life - is to exit and build.

It is my opinion, and that of today’s returning podcast guest,

, that this is what we are currently facing today with our systems of law and money.


What exactly does it mean to exit and build? What does that entail, and can we imagine a path forward that is inspiring enough that our spirits can find sufficient courage to walk that path together?

The most famous “exit and build” story is, of course, that of Exodus - from the old testament. Enslaved by tyrannical Egyptian rule (law by decree of a ruler called Pharaoh), the Israelites - inspired and led by Moses - decided to face the harsh uncertainty and potential death of the desert, rather than remain enslaved.

Their only other option would have been to mount a violent revolution and attempt to overthrow the Egpytians by force. But they had no weapons; and they had reason to believe that god was on their side. For a peace-loving people inclined to obey the commands of their god, the only option was to exit and build.

Biblical stories have found an inspiring place in my heart and soul lately. For me, the story of humanity is a spiritual one that includes the existence of good and evil, gods of many names, and spirits of all kinds - including malevolent ones - that we allow to possess us.

The spirit of violence, for example. Or the spirit of resentment, laziness, gluttony, vengeance, jealously…

When we allow ourselves to be possessed by these spirits, our organizations can become hopelessly diseased (and, I would argue, our actual organism too).

In this follow up podcast to the one we did last week, Max and I explore what it would look like to exit the current systems of law and money in the west, in order to build living ecosystems of mutual aid that nurture and sustain human health.

To do this, we have to allow ourselves to be lifted up - out of our lower nature - into higher states of consciousness that can imbue our actions with love, generosity, reciprocity, collaboration, responsibility and the spirit of courage.

Thank you for being here to walk the uncommon path with me each week!

P.S. I’ll be teaching some live classes on Zoom starting THIS WEEK - Wednesday, May 8th. I’m going to cover a range of topics over the coming weeks - such as pain and its transformation, secrets of fascia, and mysteries of blood.

This week we’re diving into the 5 kinetic energies, which invisibly impact our health 24/7 in both helpful and harmful ways. We’ll explore what they are, and how to harness their powers for healing.

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