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🎙️ Dr. Tom Cowan: Pursuing Truth Wherever It Leads

Do you have the courage to seek and speak the truth, no matter what?

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Dear friends,

Have you ever been afraid to entertain a question earnestly?

Sounds kind of silly, right? Why would you be afraid of a question?

Questions are, after all, harmless in and of themselves. Questions are the foundation of all knowledge. Without questions, there can be no answers. Without questioning what we know, we succumb to the delusion that our knowledge is infallible. And if we succumb to the temptation of believing that what we know must never be questioned, then we’ve already turned into fools (or tyrants).

As it turns out, most of humanity is afraid of entertaining this one simple question:

What if viruses do not exist?

If you want to develop freedom, then you must get in touch with your fears and expose them to objective scrutiny.

And if you want to heal at all levels - body, soul and spirit - then your healing efforts must be rooted in a quest for truth.

Sometimes, the only truth we need in order to heal is that we don’t know. That we lack answers.

Humbled by not knowing, we can embrace ignorance as a wonderful playground from which to explore all that life has to teach us. Awe, wonder and curiosity have a profoundly healing effect on the human being. Conversely, clinging to “facts” for dear life tends to strangle these soul and spiritual powers.

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

This topic of viruses (and subsequently, vaccines) has triggered so much fear and hatred over the last four years that millions of family members no longer speak to each other; millions of friendships were ruptured; careers were ended; hundreds of thousands of doctors and scientists were canceled; and millions of people have died who very likely would not have died otherwise.

Viruses, and fear of viruses, played a pivotal role in shaping who I am.

As many of you know, when I was 13 years old I was targeted by our 30 year old neighbor who psychologically and sexually abused me for 2.5 years.

What you may not know is that he was “HIV positive.”

He didn’t tell me this until several months into his sexual violations, purposefully. But for some reason he felt a compulsion to confess his sins to me.

Crying, drunk and angry, he told me that a year before my family moved into the house next to his, he had done heroin for the first time at a party. The needle was shared by about a dozen people.

Shortly after, President Clinton began his “war on HIV and AIDS” campaign, warning Americans against the dangers of male homosexuality, unprotected sex in general, and…sharing heroin needles. This campaign instilled terror in the minds of nearly all Americans.

Maybe you’re old enough to remember:

The United States government - in collusion with Dr. Fauci, the N.I.H., big pharma and virology experts - began broadcasting their messages of fear from every newspaper, magazine, TV station and movie theater, promoting a terrifying story that soon gripped the country:

“AIDS is now the number one killer of U.S. men aged 25-44 years old.”

That same year - 1993 - the movie Philadelphia came out, featuring an emaciated Tom Hanks with purple lesions all over his body, which chronicled his rapid and tragic demise at the hands of this deadly new virus sweeping the globe.

The man who abused me saw the news - and the movie previews - got very scared and went to get tested.

When the test came back positive, he immediately assumed he would die a gruesome death just like the character in Philadelphia; and that no woman in her right mind would ever have sex with him again.

Fear drove this man to commit atrocious acts of evil against himself, and against me.

From age 13 onward, I was gripped by the same terror that had stripped this man of his humanity. Every day I wondered if I would die of AIDS, and whether that death would come for me before I even reached adulthood. And I, too, was convinced that my body was dirty and a life threatening danger to other people.

Driven by relentless terror without ever questioning what was being broadcast by the government, I visited health clinics every 6 months for 10 YEARS after the abuses ended, to have my blood drawn. Then, I would wait anxiously for weeks, before returning to find out if I was positive or negative. For some miraculous reason, those PCR tests came back negative - year after year after year.

It took 10 years for me to stop testing myself, and 20 years for the fear to leave my body.

But it wasn’t until 2020 - nearly twenty seven years after my life was forever changed by the HIV panic - that I decided to learn the truth about viruses.

When fear began circulating in March of 2020, I knew instantly that it was time for me to finally investigate this issue. By this time in my life, I knew enough about the human organism, why we get sick and how we heal, that the virus theory just didn’t add up. And I was no longer afraid of my body, or anything my body did.

Long forgotten questions immediately occupied my mind:

  • If the virus linked to HIV is so contagious, then why didn’t I become infected when I was 13, 14, 15…? After all, they had 2.5 years and hundreds of opportunities to make their way into my body.

  • Why are we told that people exposed to an HIV positive person (their bodily fluids or blood) will know within 6 months of exposure if they are infected? And that, after 6 months, they can consider themselves not infected? Do viruses “live” on a person for 6 months WITHOUT infecting them, and then die after that?

  • Why doesn’t any animal species on the planet drop dead en masse of viral epidemics? EVER?

  • Why does it seem like the only people who get really sick and die from viral infections are the ones who test positive for them, and then take whatever drugs are offered?

  • Why are so many people able to “live with HIV” and not die of AIDS?

  • What is a virus, anyway?

In early March, 2020, I saw a short video clip on YouTube featuring Dr. Tom Cowan that was going viral. The “no virus team” didn’t exist yet, but he was questioning the official story in a calm, logical and scientific manner.

Soon after, Dr. Andy Kaufman exploded onto the internet with his meticulous proof that PCR tests are useless for diagnosing diseases and infections of any kind. At this time, Andy was cautiously exploring the idea that viruses are nothing more than exosomes, or excreted cellular material.

Like a lot of people, I initially gravitated to Dr. Zach Bush’s poetic and philosophical musings about viruses.

But then, Tom and Andy (and a few others) teamed up, with a mission to get to the heart of the matter regarding viruses, virology, infectious diseases and “Covid.” You can watch their “virus challenge” video here.

Following along with Tom, Andy, Stefan Lanka and others, I had to agree with their findings: no one has ever proved the existence of a virus, and all of virology is built on a foundation of scientific illiteracy.

Furthermore, this rabbit hole led me to look into the non existence of motor neurons, which has MASSIVE implications for the work that I do with people in pain and those with movement dysfunctions.

Tom’s work helped me solve a lifelong mystery, and permanently liberated me of all fear related to so-called infectious diseases.

If you decide to watch today’s podcast, you will hear Dr. Tom Cowan give a brief synopsis of his search for proof of the existence of viruses. We then traverse the fascinating question of whether or not motor neurons exist, which takes us into yet more questions about the nature of synapses, the sodium potassium pump, neurotransmitters, and nuclear theory.

If you want to take this research further, I recommend reading the book The Final Pandemic: An Antidote to Medical Tyranny by Drs. Mark and Samantha Bailey.

These courageous human beings have shown us - those of us willing to open our minds to legitimate questions worthy of exploration - irrefutable evidence that viruses have never been proven to exist.

This truth matters.

The truth always matters.

Sometimes, as I mentioned earlier, we don’t know what’s true.

For example, none of these doctors are claiming that human beings don’t get sick. None of the them refute the obvious illnesses that human beings experience. But just because people get sick does not mean that viruses are to blame, or that viruses exist. There are so many reasons we get sick, and as I’ve written about so often, we need to start treating individuals rather than labels or symptoms. No two people get sick for exactly the same reasons.

Instead of clining to our cherished beliefs, what if we lived in a state of perpetual curiostiy?

When we don’t know the answer to a valid question, it is always in our best interest to sit in the uncomfortable unknown, rather than adopting beliefs based on lies merely to assuage our fear of the unknown.

The man that targeted me believed he was going to die of AIDS. He didn’t. He was still alive almost ten years later, and for all I know he still is. Fear drove this man to violently interrupt the trajectory of my life before it had even begun; but in the process, he utterly corrupted his own.

Unfortunately, this man was a victim - as so many were back then, and still are today - of corporate funded State propaganda that has convinced an entire generation of human beings to become terrified of each other, and terrified of their own bodies.

Imagine how many BILLIONS of people on earth today could - instantaneously - let go of their false diagnoses and stop living in fear. All they have to do is open their minds to one simple question:

What if viruses do not exist?

Fear cripples the human soul and spirit, opening the door for us to be possessed by evil spirits and tempted to commit evil acts - against ourselves, against our own flesh, and against each other.

Instead, let us seek and speak the truth. And if we can’t do that - we can at least NOT LIE.

Let us cultivate awe and wonder and childlike curiosity.

Let us look at life like a playground, full of opportunties to learn and grow and evolve.

And let’s practice forgiveness - of ourselves and others - as we let go of old stories, self identities and wounds rooted in fear.