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The 5 Kinetic Energies [CLASS REPLAY] - become a co-creator with your body by learning the laws that govern reality

These energies GOVERN your physical organism, including your experiences of pain, degeneration and illness. They can harm - and they can HEAL. Learning this information is self knowledge.

Dear friends,

Have you ever wondered how you generate the energy to move your body? Like…where does that energy come from?

Maybe you’ve lost some of that power lately and you feel tired, creaky, stiff, unable to move through life with the fluidity and freedom you want…

Have you ever wondered why some people respond positively to daily cold plunges (or sauna, or the carnivore diet, or sound healing, or fascia release, or veganism) while some people feel no benefits at all, and still others experience harmful effects?

Physical-spiritual law:

There is a human BEING in every body - and that being, which is spiritual in nature, has a profound influence over the body’s biologic expression.

Physical-spiritual law:

Anything that has the potential to help (heal) also has the potential to harm; and to the degree it is potentially harmful is the degree to which it is potentially helpful (healing).

This was a really fun class for me to teach, and I’m grateful to the 47+ people who joined me live. Your energy helped to co-create a wonderful experience for me, and I hope - for you! See what I did there? 😆

If you want to understand the nature and purpose of pain, this class will shed some light. Because…

Physical-spiritual law:

Pain won’t disappear just because we want it to, or perform certain techniques and protocols.


Fascia won’t change just because we want it to, or perform certain techniques and protocols.


Bodies won’t change just because we want them to.

Bodies are beholden to the physical-spiritual laws underpinning reality.

The human organism is a REMARKABLE achievement of cosmic wisdom. You are brilliantly designed, and your body obeys the laws of reality…even if you do your very best to disobey them (which we all do, all the time).

My inviation to you is to consider learning the laws of reality, so you stop feeling stuck and frustrated - and begin to feel empowered, trusting and maybe even INSPIRED by your body’s divine wisdom.

If you want to have co-creative power WITH your body:

  • For regeneration

  • For pain resolution

  • For healing after trauma, shock or injury

  • For sustaining life energy throughout your life

  • For aging with fluidity, freedom and mobility until the day you die

Then you MUST learn the laws that govern your physical and spiritual bodies.

Yes, we have spiritual bodies.

While they may seem “invisible” - they are in fact very visible…if you know what to look for. We talked about this a lot during the class. It’s important for us to understand just how much influence WE - as soul and spiritual beings - influence our physical organism, including how slow or fast we heal.

If you liked this class…

The School for Living Science and the Kinetix Academy are opening soon.

If you want to join others in the quest for self knowledge - knowledge of what you’re made of and how you function - and how to harness the co-creative powers that are available to you through your body…stay tuned, and/or join the waitlist to be notified when we open.

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