Let’s build a culture worthy of human dignity.

The Human Freedom Project seeks to develop a community of human beings who voluntarily take up a most difficult and rewarding path: that of obeying our conscience in all aspects of life.

Join us if you, too, long to become a human being capable of:

✦ nurturing what is true and beautiful and good - within yourself, and the world
✦ facing, with moral courage, the malevolent forces at work in the world
thinking with objectivity
✦ knowing your truth, speaking your truth, and living your truth
✦ extending warmth, curiosity and open mindedness towards all human beings
✦ evolving beyond the beastly nature of the nervous system (survival biology)
turning towards pain - physical, emotional, social - to learn, grow and evolve
✦ fulfilling your highest potential - body, soul and spirit

The Human Freedom Project seeks to ask - and attempt to answer - these central questions:

  1. What is the human being?

  2. What is freedom, and how do we nurture it today - within individuals, and in society?

To begin with, we assert:

Human freedom and its advancement belongs to social life - NOT politics.

Since individual human beings make up the “body” of the whole social organism globally, our central mission with the Human Freedom Project is a true - scientific and spiritual - understanding of the whole human organism.

Only from a foundation of understanding ourselves can we hope to resolve, at the root level, the many crises we face today:

▶︎ alarming epidemics of chronic pain, infertility and disease
▶︎ relationship ruptures and social violence
▶︎ near total corruption of the economic system
▶︎ poisoning and destruction of our natural environment
▶︎ ever-increasing government interference in matters of individual moral conscience

On the podcast each week, we will explore the 5 Primary Constraints of Modern Life:

We are all being called to grapple with painful constraints that challenge us to Become more than we are, whether in the form of physical pain or illness, traumas rooted in relationship ruptures or violence, political and economic unrest, or environmental catastrophe - both human created, and natural.

In every painful event lies the seed of healing and of freedom, waiting for the specific demands that will call it into Being. Like the seeds of plants, we need certain pressures in order to germinate and actualize our potential.

With solocasts and guest episodes, the podcast will explore one or more of these 5 primary constraints, with the goal of mapping the territory so we can orient ourselves properly, find our place in the Whole (of human life, and of human evolution), and set ourselves on a path of actualizing our full Humanity.

Lurking in the shadows of our society is something much more concerning than the rise of machines and artificial intelligence.

What ought to have our attention today is the fact that human beings themselves have been reduced to machines.

Human beings today face an onslaught of indoctrination: within our own bodies, where the nervous system compels us to feel, think and behave in memorized patterns rooted in survival biology; within state-regulated educational institutions that seek to mold the human being into obedient cogs in the machine of corporate sponsored governments seeking totalitarian control over all aspects of human life; within modern culture which has adopted scientific dogma in place of religious doctrine, and - devoid of a uniting worldview befitting the evolving aims of the human soul and spirit - within social mobs that demand, on pain of social persecution, obedience to the prevailing status quo.

We exhibit chronic symptoms of anti-social behavior.

We are afraid to speak our truth (if we even know what it is). We are afraid to talk to each other honestly - at home, in our families of origin, at work, and in our chosen peer groups.

We are so afraid of each other that we’ve traded authenticity for subversive social manipulation; forthrightness for deceit; responsibility for cynicism and a culture of blame; and healthy conflict for barely contained rage (or numbness). These are all symptoms of the suppression of the free human spirit.

We are as sick as the society we uphold, which means: WE ARE THE CURE.

What naturally belongs to human social life - matters of physical and spiritual health, education, vocation, social relationships, and the free unfolding of the creative human spirit - must, if we are to nurture human health rather than its progressing sickness, be wrested from its unhealthy enmeshment with the corrupt authority we’ve assented to in the modern merger of corporate and state powers.

The Human Freedom Project seeks to nurture a social life that supports individual human beings to develop freedom of thought and creative self expression alongside each other - openly - which will inspire us all toward acts of real moral courage and meaningful economic, political and spiritual innovation.

Please join us if you are inspired to take up this important work.

In gratitude to Rudolf Steiner as an inspiring spiritual guide behind The Human Freedom Project.

To be free is to be capable of thinking one's own thoughts - not the thoughts of the body, or of society, but generated from one's deepest, most original, most essential and spiritual self - one's individuality .

A moral misunderstanding, a clash, is impossible between human beings who are morally free. Only the morally unfree who follow their natural instincts or the accepted commands of duty come into conflict with their neighbors if these do not obey the same instincts and the same commands as themselves. To live, in love towards our actions, and to let live in the understanding of the other person’s will, is the fundamental maxim of free human beings.

~ Rudolf Steiner

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I don’t believe in paywalls, so all of the content here remains available to everyone. In the future, I might offer Zoom calls to paid subscribers, where we can engage in live conversations about economic sovereignty, health sovereignty and sourcing authority from within, outside of public scrutiny.

Thank you for being here, whether as a free or paid subscriber. 🙏♥️

About Elisha Celeste:

With deep faith that spiritual wisdom is accessible to human knowledge through the scientific study of living phenomena, my mission in life is to advance human freedom through the practical application of such knowledge. I believe the last frontier on planet Earth is “the human being.” There is so much to our physical and spiritual nature that we do not yet understand. My life is dedicated to researching and sharing knowledge of the true nature of the human being as a complex organism of body, soul and spirit. Without this knowledge we are increasingly susceptible to manipulation from influences that seek to materialize the earth and obliterate the free human spirit. I believe in humanity. I believe in the human spirit, which will always struggle towards freedom like the tiny green sprout that pushes through the cracking cement with its vote for life.

When I’m not writing or podcasting, you can find me reading, cooking for friends, hiking in the Colorado mountains, or teaching inside the School for Living Science and the Kinetix Academy.

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Advancing human freedom through the scientific study of living phenomena.